The third Largest city on the continent. Currently run by the Valdeon Royal Family. Known for its wine, cliffs, and the Golden Bridge.
Population: 80,000
Races: All

  1. St. Cuthbert – 45%
  2. Pelor – 30%
  3. Obai-had – 10%
  4. Else – 15%


  1. Illegal to display Necromancy
  2. Illegal to shit in the streets
  3. Illegal to Eat People (except in the Arena)


The Golden Bridge is from Ancient Times. Many philosophers argue it was the bridge the gods left our world upon. 220 years ago Augustus Fenrillo settled in this locaton seeing the bridge as a sign from the gods. His son, Beve Fenrillo, was the first King to start gilding the bridge. He was also the last Fenrillo to be king. The Valdeon family seized the capitol and took the city. Since then every Valdeon has turn some continued gilding the gargantuan bridge as a sign of good will towards the Fenrillo Family.

Modern Times

Valdeon has been booming over the last 5 years. Crops are plentiful, construction at an all time high, and more money then you can shake a stick at. The good comes with the bad. With the prospect of work and money, a large number of ‘questionable’ people have moved into the tent city within Vladeon, Mousewhisker.

Rumors and Problems

There is rumor of political turmoil, it is the 200th anniversary of the death of Beve Fenrillo and the move of power to the Valdeon Family. Drunkards who support the Fenrillo family spout slurs about the Valdeon family and are taken to the dungeons to work off their curses.

With the wave of people moving into the city, there has been more gang violence than ever. Past Family blood feuds, racism, and xenophobia is the only baggage for some newcomers.

Notable Figures

Goran the Fat – Marshall of Mousewhisker – has custom chairs made for his fat ass. Enjoys wine, whoring, and bribes. Ex-gang member who ratted out his other gang members, and was given the status of Marshall.

Domino Loreweaver – Sheriff of Mousewhisker. Earned the occupation of Sheriff by cutting the head off the old sheriff. Ex-Bounty Hunter and a huge bitch, but finds honour in her job. Likes using the prisoner bracket to do most of her duties.


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