The Bull's Plateau


Also known as the Demon Mesa, the Bull’s Plateau is a giant plateau to the south west of the city of Valdeon. The plateau is about 100 miles long, and at an elevation of 2,000 ft.

The area is populated mostly by the Barbarian Tribes. They hunt the dire cattle that live upon the giant grasslands. Some barbarians have been known to tame these giant scruffy cows to become mounts. In some tribes it is considered a ride of passage, others deem it ridiculous to ride your food into battle.


There is said to be a giant boulder in the middle of the plateau, but very few dare to explore the barbarian lands.

Barbarian Tribes

The Barbarian Tribes are a mixed group, taking from all cultures they assault. They care not about race, but how strong you are. Slaves can become Leaders, if the rest of the tribe thinks they would/are a good leader.

Every Barbarian is taught to fight without a weapon, but they use weapons they find from attacking caravans. They believe in blood.

Well known Tribes

  1. Battle Cattle
  2. Wolf Gang
  3. Ord of Fox

The Bull's Plateau

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