The newest district within Valdeon. If you are new to Valdeon, you most likely live here. Previously the bar district, the streets were wide enough to accommodate multiple tent shops, and when one rat moves in, a hundred more follow.

New comers can easily find work and a place to sleep. Although its recommended to sleep with one eye open, with the number of cutpurses and rapers in this area.


Gang violence is at an all time high. Specifically between the Blackpaw Crows and Leather Basterds. Over the last 5 years, these two gangs have become the largest in size and in problem.

List of Gangs

  1. Blackpaw – Wannabe Barbarian Tribe
  2. Leather Basterds – Leather Daddy Anti-hetero gang
  3. the Bruised – Drunk brawlers, praise for being mangled
  4. Rat Fuckers – I leave nothing to the imagination with this one
  5. Closed Fist – Similar to the Yakuza, honour up front, knife in the back
  6. Snakefeet – They wear living snakes on their feet. Don’t ask


Epic of Valdeon Teo