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Valdeon – The Third Largest City in the Continent

Heloshire – Small crossroads village on the outskirts of Valdeon

The Bull’s Plateau – The Barbarian Mesa

Lumbering Mountains – Mountainous Forests to the North of Valdeon

The Ruling Class

King Valdeon – King of Valdeon

Lady Maggwen- Lady Maggwen Daleborn the Noble-born – Highest Wizard

Norfire Windsailor – Master of Crafts

Vamon Forgedawn – Grand General

Ten Houses of Valdeon

House of Fenrillo – House of Trade
House of Armando – King’s Guard
House of Valdeon – Royal Family
House of Clawbeard – Black Smith // Beard Maintenance
House of Rubymace – City Watch
House of Waveharp – Entertainment
House of Forgedawn – Wizardy
House of Hofstadter – Food // Beer
House of Escher- Architecture // Construction
House of Benglesh – Foreign Policies


Blackpaw – Asshole gang fucking shit up

Barbarians – Raiding The Farmlands // Edge of the City

Political Turmoil – Every house wants to suck the king’s dick and get paid for it

Main Page

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