Crossroads Village
Population: 500-900 (depends on the season)

Attempted raids by Barbarian tribes from the Mesa. The City Watch holds off the attacks, most of the time. Raids more common in winter, rumored to be because the barbarians run out of food on the mesa then.

h3.Landmarks of Note

  1. Statue of Augustus Fenrillo
  2. Valdeon Coy Pond

Taverns // Inns

  1. The Whiskey Nipple – Bar :: cheap eats, no sheets
  2. Crispy Crunchies – Bar :: Seasonal Ales – 1 common room
  3. The Giant Coy Inn – Expensive drinks – 10 rooms – 1 common room
  4. the Stable – literally a stable to sleep in, 5 copper a night


  1. Cleftjaw Jones – Head of Heloshire’s Guard – pot bellied strong man


Epic of Valdeon Teo