The Epic of Valdeon

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World Setting::

“A world where eating the organs of an animal gives you their power. "

So basically: If you eat the eyes of a hawk, you get a temporary Perception bonus. If you eat the brains of a smart animal, you get a temporary INT bonus. This is also true of not just animals but all creatures.

Some religions are for and others are against this concept, deeming it
“a sin to eat the flesh of another” – St.Cuthbert – Book 4 – 20:15

It is generally in bad taste to eat animals/people in public. So most of it left to the black market. Some cities thrive on this market, and others aim to destroy it from their cities.
Eating the heart is considered the worst crime.

The City of Valdeon is one that is against the eating of people, but pro the advantages of eating animals. The city often has arena battles and lets the victor consume the loser, as a trophy.

There is a bad side to eating organs. If you eat too many, you start to get addicted to consuming. Be it animal, or person. It makes no difference.

Enter The Epic of Valdeon

Epic of Valdeon